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«Vintage Love» — рабоnы Helena Aleixo



is part of my life. I love making my own precious «jewels» by simply
accessorizing or designing from scratch. They have been Christmas gifts
for family and friends. Now I have my own shop in my city, called
«Vintage Love», where I sell these.

Each «jewel» is carefully designed and handcrafted with new and vintage
materials. They all are one-of-a-kind items, including buttons,
jewelry, lace, ribbons, brush strokes, and a whole world of things just
waiting for my newest idea.












Vintage Green Buttons Hair Comb

Vintage Pink Buttons Hair Comb
Vintage Japanese Fusion Hair Comb

Abalone and Silver on Black Velvet Hair Jewelry

Lady in Pink


Cameo Trio


Silver Mother-of-Pearl


Sweet Honey Heart


Angel in the Spring Garden


Portuguese Marcasites and Silver

Gold and Blue Cameo Cuff

Gold and Black Cameo Cuff

Silver and Blue Medallion

Silver Swirls and Blue Rhinestones


Pearls and Silver Marcasites

Silver Mother-of-pearl LILAC Brooch

(Size 8cm x 6cm incl. pendant / 3″,2x 2″,4)

Vintage Silver tone jewelry, button, earrings. Grey pieces of
mother-of-pearl. Clear, Purple and Lilac rhinestones. White pearl beads.


Golden KNOT pearls Mustard rhinestones Brooch

(Size 6cm x 5cm / 2″,4 x 2″)

Vintage earrings, button, and pearls.

Antique gold colour metal, with clear and mustard colour rhinestones. Cream pearls.


Vintage Handpainted Enamel GIRL, gold leaves Brooch

(Size 5cm x 4,5cm / 2″ x 2″25)

Vintage enamel «handpainted» girl.

Gold tone leaves, old Black and gold tone buttons. Baby Blue
rhinestones to match the girl’s dress. All set in a big Black vintage


SILVER BOW Mother-of-pearl Pearls Rhinestones brooch jewelry

(Size 6cm x 5cm / 2″,4 x 2″)

Vintage Silver tone jewelry, button. Black, Clear rhinestones.
Haematite tone glass beads. Beije pearls, mother-of pearl grey buttons.

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