Cambodia | Камбоджа

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Королевство Камбоджа — государство в Юго-Восточной Азии, на юге полуострова Индокитай, со столицей Пномпень. На востоке граничит с Вьетнамом, на севере — с Лаосом, на северо-западе — с Таиландом.

The Secret Cave, Enshrouded in Roots

The Timelessness of Angkor Wat

The Middle of the Day

Burning Through the Clouds – Angkor Wat in the Morning

Evening Night Bathing Angkor Wat under Impending Storm

The Secret Passageway to the Treasure


The Rooftop Garden

A Blindingly Beautful Sunrise

An Ancient Tapestry

An out-of-control Sunset

Approaching the Inner Temple

Daily Photo – The Forgotten

Evening Storm Approaches the Temple

Heads of Kings and Heads of Buddhas

King Survivorman the Second, Golden Heads Abound

The Back Entrance to Angkor Wat

The Buddha King of Angkor Wat

The Burning Sun in Cambodia

The Cambodian Mecca

The Deep and Ancient Carvings

The Entrance to the Temple in the Storm

The Golden Apsaras of the Rig Veda

The Hole

The Overgrowth in the Cambodian Ruins

The Reaping of the Siam

The ruins of Angkor from across the moat

The Towers of Angkor Thom

The Treasured Shrine

The Zen Peace in Your Mind

When a Temple is Forgotten


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