What Goes Up Must Come Down

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Это один из короткометражных фильмов входящих в подбоорку «Лондон, я люблю тебя!». Очень музыкальный и интересный получился фильм!

Очень нравится музыка и британский рэп именно из этого фильма. К сожалению не могу пока найти исполнителя.


//Bar scene//

Newtington Green? Bout five pound from here yea.

Oh mate, thanks, thank you man, thats alright, no problem

Alright get in the back no

2Tray? (Tiffery, tiffery) POB?

Roger Roger Tiffery

Oh Mate this music’s rockin, whats it Blacka Hurha? Or somthing? Ahhhh, its just the radio.

Cold out there tonight uh?

Oh mate, thanks for stopping, I’ve just escaped from a lockin, my bodys hurt from somebody poppin??

Your the first cab thats bothered stopping,


Surely I don’t look that shockin, I know my moves tonight were rockincuz I came second best in a break dancin contest, spinnin—on—myhead—like a boffin.

At the garage, do you mind stopping? Theres agirl in there i’ve been clockin, she gets MY TICKER TICK TOCKIN, I’lljust pop in and get a bit o shoppin,

Alright, no problem

Andwhen she clocks off, she might come round mine and take her socks offand put on stockings in the mornin I’ve forgotten and I’ll wake uplookin like Johnny Rotten

Mmmm, well, probably drinkin too much ah?

Let me tell you something, this is what I always say right,

CHORUS-What goes up must come down, on the round-about that you must go round,if you are cat then get out the dog pound, if you are the dogs thendance to the sound,

Oh just pull over mate I’ll jump out here, here?, keep the change yeah?, Alright, thank you man, take it easy alright?

Yeah, thanks mottt-BLEARGH, Oh dear

Well thats charmin innit? Mind then please govner?

No problem

23 23 POB

Roger Roger 23

Thats a nutty suit you wearin, where you been tonight?

I went to a pimps and hookers (???)

But in the dim light, (?????)

Then I see this man ina beam o light, hanging by his tits from the ceiling, I think I’ve got (???)

Iwanna go home, I’m not feeling right! I think gonna have bad dreamstonight! Does that mean I’m squeamish and up-tight, I thought it wasgunna be hoes and pimps, I’m in mah pimp suit, surrounded by Gimps, fatblokes in rubber, who look like toads,

Waitin for a go, on the electrodes!! arrghhh! When I heard the screams my (???) goes,

I dont know why people like those shows

(???????????????)But i’ve seen enough, I was on me toes you know, mmmmmm ok, well imSERIOUS when I say it is, some of the girls, looked quite hot, as itgoes,mmmmmmmm


Thanks mate, be lucky,

-Ring-, yah, I think we should start by firing, firing a couple ofpeople, particuarly Jeremy in accounts, he’s really pissin me off, beento see a lass in a (????) shes a cross between mortician and catslater?She rubbed my winkie with a bit of sandpaper, thought I take araincheck on the cheese-crater, I’ve had it before and it really hurtslater, so i tried to settle with a giant vibrator, straight to AA myass looks like a crater, SCREECH

o man, get out me cab, I’ll see you later,

But I’m wearing a nappy

I dont care man, get out,

But I’ll give you a tip, no man, I’ll give you a tip alright,

Well, this is outrageous, I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life,



Are you alright dear?

Have a nice cup of tea…

Is eggs and bacon in the mornin alright?… Tiffery?

MMM, yea thats alright darlin.

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