artificial By: Pose Radu

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«   Photography presumes itself as fatality , meaning that it doesnt exist without something or someone , of all the objects in this world why we choose that object in that moment than another in other time.

   Photography consists on two basis which the contract between the operator and spectator is settled. These are the studium and the punctum.

   The studium part of this project has nature as the referent. It contains something tautological for which a pipe will always be a pipe. Its a simulacra context exposure. Nature has always been a key context, the occasion, the meeting, the real, the touch™ from which we alter after knowing it.

  The punctum its the sting, the small stain, the dice thrown in final the hazard. The punctum in this matter its remarked in an eidetic and esthetic samples. Its corpus contains in realism and pictorialism and its will is driven by the oniric and fantasmatic  desire , a sort of visionaries that may push forward to an utopist frame or may deliver back in a place unknown by the spectator. Its the eidolon that makes the photography mare than unary and transforms reality by dedubling it.

  Viewing through the lens everything changes, things start metamorphosing in imagery before the actual shutter action takes place. The spectrum of my work was captured through portrait photography a very closed field of forces caused relations operator and subject.

   I used pictorialism as in nothing more than an exaggeration of what photography thinks of its self and in the process I deled with masks of the natural and the artificial.

  The natural is the canvas I stained with artificial and in vice-versa to create the contrast on what punctum consists.

  Symbolic think of it as in a blank white page that forced me to make my mark with only a spot of black. The spot of black figures the intended the need of something different and its triggered by the perfect beauty of white, the cause being the context. If there have been a black canvas I would have been touching it with white.

  In order to be able of making something original is by knowing the context. Nature triggers the artificial and the process itself is natural. But what if all we ever known suddenly changes and what then made sense now it doesnt?

  This project places photography into a camouflage of contrasts and making it all seem natural because of its context. The pursuit of changing the context to create the original. «

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